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A 4-week class on the art of auditioning. Every Monday starting September 13th and running through October 4th. Class instructors: Austin Flewell, Erisa Flewell and other guest instructors! Cost is $120.

Ages 7-10 –  4:00-5:30pm
Ages 11-14 – 5:30-7:00pm
Ages 15-18 – 7:00-8:30pm

Register at:


228 N Main Street,
Mooresville, NC


OCTOBER 17th 2-6pm
OCTOBER 18th 5-8pm

ACT’S Wrenn Goodrum’s Holiday Show – directed by Wrenn Goodrum

Auditions for placement will be held at:

228 N Main Street,
Mooresville, NC


DECEMBER 5th 1-5pm
DECEMBER 6th 5-8pm

Directed by Wrenn Goodrum
Performance Dates: February 10-14 at Charles Mack (Joe V Knox) Auditorium

Anne Frank and Me is a 2001 novel by husband-wife writing team Cherie Bennett and Jeff Gottsfeld. Inspired by the life of Anne Frank, it follows the story of a teenage girl named Nicole Burns. The story was adapted as a play in 1996 in New York City, written and directed by Cherie Bennett.

Auditions for placement will be held at:

228 N Main Street,
Mooresville, NC

All auditions are held at the at Arts Unlimited on Main, 228 N Main Street Mooresville, across the steet from the Charles Mack Citizen Center. Auditions are open to youth ages 6-18. No prior acting experience is required and novice actors are encouraged to audition. Upon arrival, you will complete an audition application.  Actors only need to come one session. 

$100 participation fee – if cast for the show. Fee covers scripts, costumes, t-shirt.  Scholarships are available  

What to Bring

  • Headshot or recent photograph.  This does not need to be a professional photo.  Color preferred, and of the head/face and upper body.
  • Conflict List– trips, after school activities, sports schedules, work schedule, etc. You should have NO CONFLICTS during show performances or the week of Tech week. 
  • Resume or a list that includes your contact information and your theatre experience. Your resume should include any special skills or training that is relevant to theatre. For example – dance, gymnastics, musical instruments, voice training, theatre workshops/classes/camps, juggling, baton, voice accents/ impressions, extracurricular activities, team and individual sports, etc.

Make sure to read the audition instructions. It is the policy of the Mooresville Community Children’s Theatre to cast regardless of color, race, or disability. 

  • BE ON TIME!!In the theatre, there is a saying, “If you arrive on-time you are late!”Be early, allow 10-15 minutes before the start of auditions.
  • Be prepared to wait.  Audition process is a long process, all productions hit snags, delays, etc. 
  • Bring your music (if a musical) and  dance shoes 
  • Water-Bottled water is permitted during the audition.
  • Call Backs– If you are not called back, you may already be cast, and we saw everything we needed to at the initial audition.If you are called back, we will give you some sides (short parts of the script) to read with a partner or music from the show to sing.  You will be able to look them over when you arrive.
  • Casting decisions are made solely by the Director. Casting is the most difficult part of being a director. Directors agonize many hours over the casting process to ensure that the best choices are made for their particular production.

What to Expect

Rehearsal Schedules

Theatre is a big commitment of time and energy.  When making the decision to participate in our program please be mindful of our schedule and the importance of rehearsals. Please note that not everyone is called to every rehearsal.  Actors will only be called when they are needed to work.  Attendance at ALL technical (tech) week rehearsals as well as ALL performances is mandatory. Please note that unexcused absences may result in the forfeiture of your child’s role.

All rehearsal schedules are made by the Director and are based on several factors such as cast and staff availability, space availability, process made on scenes and blocking, etc. 

 An advance rehearsal schedule is NOT available before the first cast meeting/rehearsal. 

Most directors continually update the rehearsal schedule throughout the creative process and communicate via email to actors (and parents).   Most of the MCCT rehearsals are late afternoons and evenings, and one or both days each weekend, and there are times that a rehearsal could be earlier in the day.

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